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By Batsegeziech
Welcome to the guide about the Shopkeepers!
A quick overview will be followed by a detailed explanation.

How does it work?
Shopkeepers will enable you to erect your own shop in spawn with great customization! You are allowed to have up to three shopkeepers at all times and you can create these in the designated area in spawn (Lower area at the fountain). After you claim a stall by putting your name on it you can start setting up your shop. There are already chests provided so you do not have to bring any! By typing /shopkeeper [shop type] [object type] you will spawn a villager that will trade your goods. When typing the command be sure to be looking at a chest so they are linked, more info on the [shop type] and [object type] later. The villager will be spawned ontop of the chest and you can now shift+right-click on him. This will open a menu with three options on the right. The anvil in order to rename your shop, the wool to change its profession (only visual change) and the Bone to delete your shopkeeper. The current max amount of shopkeepers you can have at once is 3.

How to set up your shop!
There are four different kinds of shops, also known as [shop type]
1. normal: You sell your wares for someone elses emeralds
2. buy: You buy someone elses wares for your emeralds
3. trade: You trade your wares for someone elses wares
4. book: You sell your written books for someone elses emeralds. (Be sure to stock up on book and quills!)

For the [object type] we currently have one option, and that is the Villager.

How to configure what you sell/buy/trade and for what in return.
The method is exactly the same but depending on what type of shop you set up the items you use are different.
By accessing the chest the villager is linked to you can add all of your wares. Then by shift+right-clicking on the villager you can configure the cost by clicking on the slime balls. Make sure to stock your items in the chest if you want people to buy/sell/trade at your shop!

E.G a shop that sells diamonds in return for emeralds you would do the following:
/shopkeeper normal villager, then rename him and change his appearance after shift+right-clicking on him. If you want to sell 1 diamond for 2 emeralds you would put 1 diamond in the top row of the connected chest and then shift+right-click on the slimeballs twice to set the cost to two emeralds.

Do you have any more questions or think something should be added to this guide? Let an admin know!
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