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How-tos for everything to the plugins we use to how to file a landclaim
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By Batsegeziech
Welcome to the guide about the servers reward Keks!
A quick overview will be followed by a detailed explanation.

How does it work?
After voting for the server you will be rewarded with a Kek, or if you are lucky, multiple Keks. You can vote on 5 different websites per IP per day. This sadly means that if there are multiple people playing from the same home they wont all be able to get their 5 keks every day. These keks allow you to do all kinds of things detailed below!

To see all available items and services with a better explanation visit the top floor of the admin shop in spawn!

/vt bal: Shows how many Keks you posess.
/vt shop: Opens up a GUI where you can trade in Keks for items like the Elytra!

Other uses:
-Stables: Buy yourself your own stable to store your horses! It costs 20 Keks for the first and 50 for every consecutive stable. More on stables in the guide about Stables and Horses.
-Enderchest: Expand your enderchest! You can spend keks to increase the size of your enderchest up to a full double chest. The prices are: +9 for 25, +18 for 50 and +27 for 100. These are consecutive, this means you will need to spend 175 in order to unlock +27.
-Worldedit: Have an admin change a piece of land for you in exchange for keks, this is pretty expensive though! The current conversion rate for deleting land is 200:1 (Block:Kek). So a 20x20x5 area would cost you: 10 keks (2000 blocks). If the demand for these is too high prices will increase! Other worldedits are availiable (like cut/paste). For a quote contact an admin.

Do you have any more questions or think something should be added to this guide? Let an admin know!
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Do not forget to vote for the server! Get rewarded!