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How-tos for everything to the plugins we use to how to file a landclaim
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By Batsegeziech
Welcome to the guide about the servers landclaim system!
A quick overview will be followed by a detailed explanation.

This is both for your own builds as it is for any tunnels and railways, if you build somewhere make sure you claim it!

How does it work?
There are two types of landclaims, one to build on and one for a railway tunnel. The difference being that a railway will be underground with no changes to the land above meaning other people can claim right untill the border if permitted. Building landclaims will issue a rather large area around them to stay untouched by others and is yours to so in whatever you want, underground or above ground as long as the application gets accepted.

If you want to be sure that there is adequate jurisdiction and protection of your land you need to file a landclaim. This is done both on the forums and in game. This is done in the form of an application which gets accepted or rejected. It is generally a good idea to not build in an area that you are uncertain of getting accepted.

Reasons for a rejection:
Your landclaim is too close to another persons claim, please keep away at least 150 blocks from anyone elses border.
Your landclaim is of an unreasonable size, or lays a monopoly on a resource.

How to file a landclaim:
For the forums:
Create a new thread under the Landclaim subforum and include the following (these are repeated in the landclaims section):
1. Is this a building claim or a rail claim?:
2. Describe your intentions with the land, do you intend to completely flatten it? To remove all the trees? To build something enormous or small?
3. Include a picture taken on the Dynmap with a red line circumventing the area you want to claim.
4. Is there anyone near you?

If yes, Do you have their permission to build near them?:

Put torches or other clear man made landmarks on your border, so that someone that is crossing it clearly knows it is claimed land. Does someone build on or edit an accepted landclaim? Notify an admin.

Do you have any more questions or think something should be added to this guide? Let an admin know!
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