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A new community forged together by the remnants of HHMinecraft

How-tos for everything to the plugins we use to how to file a landclaim
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By Batsegeziech

Bank and Admin shops:
The lower building is the bank and the upper on the admin shop. The bank will allow you to deposit and withdraw emeralds and the shops will allow you to trade with admin shops and see what you can do with your keks at the second floor!

The observatory has a great map to show off the spawn region.

This area is designated for you to claim a stall and put up a shop of your own!

Mining Ship:
This is where the portal is located to travel to the mining world, dont forget you are not allowed to mine outside of your landclaim on the main world!

Town Hall:
This building is designed to display winners of events and tell some more information about our current staff.

For all the dirty sinners to repent.


The main hub in spawn where all rails going across the world meet.

Player Housing:

Claim an apartment and make it your own!

Because why not?


Where you first spawn and where some basic rules are listed, for the full set of rules look at them on the forums!

Inn and Player housing:

An inn with a stable with playerhousing on top (Second floor)
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