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In-Game Guide: Player Housing

PostPosted:Sat Jun 11, 2016 6:20 pm
by Batsegeziech
Welcome to the guide about the servers Player Housing system!
A quick overview will be followed by a detailed explanation.

Make sure you have enough money to cover the cost before you start building, if an admin charges you for your room and you dont have the currency for it you will be evicted!

How does it work?
We have a couple of areas in spawn dedicated to player housing, a place where you can make our own mark on our spawn! The areas dedicated to this can be found in the map explanation thread under the newbie nook. You are allowed to claim one buildable area in spawn, for a price, no more as more people will hopefully join the server. The areas are already buildable so all you have to do is claim an apartment by notifying an admin to change the apartment to have your name one it and lock it, so that you officially ''claimed'' it. At this time the admin will also deduct the cost of the apartment from your holdings. You can do whatever you want here, create a nice house, a storage place for items when you trade in spawn, you name it.

The price for the apartments in one of the three houses is: 100 keks, which is a lifetime buy, and a 25% return if you leave.
The price for rooms in the inn PER MONTH is: 25 keks, which gives no return when you move out.

Most apartments will not allow you to change the ceiling or floor as these connect with other apartments, if you would like something changed that you have no access to, ask an admin to take a look for you and if it doesn't interfere with anything change it for you!

You do NOT have to file a land claim or the such on the forums to claim our apartment, simply notify an admin!

Do you have any more questions or think something should be added to this guide? Let an admin know!