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Welcome to HHLegacy, here's how to get started!

PostPosted:Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:58 pm
by HHLegacy
Hey there, welcome to our server! My name is Tobake and I own and operate this place together with Batsegeziech.

If you're reading this then you're probably new here and interested in joining or seeing if it will be a good fit for you. If that describes you then read on and you can learn more about this server and how to proceed with joining!

Some of the basics details on the server to start with.
We are a Whitelisted Vanilla SMP(Survival Multiplayer) server running Spigot to aid with some necessities and increase the convenience of other core functions. So, I guess it's less vanilla and more vanilla + sprinkles. All ages are accepted within reason but players must show maturity. If you prove to be a nuisance to your fellow players then your stay here won't last long.

-Active staff that is there for you when needed.
-Based around the community, input is appreciated!
-Customized experience with game enhancing plugins, more info[ --> HERE <-- ]
-Whitelist to make sure no griefing and trolling is present.
-A lot more for you to discover yourself :)

This server strives to maintain a friendly, and stable environment for its playerbase, to achieve this there are of course rules for everyone to follow. These rules can be mostly summed up by following this one rule, "don't be an a**hole." Inversely, you could also say, "be courteous to your neighbors and treat them as you would want to be treated." Now, unfortunately this really doesn't cover as much ground as I'd like and because of this we still have a more in-depth set of rules to follow. You can read these [--> HERE <-- ]

Once you've read the rules, if you still think this server is for you then you can begin writing your white-list application!
Please note, making a good first impression is crucial here. If it looks like you didn't even try then you will be denied and it is unlikely that you will be given another chance, but don't let this worry you. If you write your application in English, paying attention to your grammar and use correct punctuation, it will go a long way in proving that you tried your best and we can work on it from there if it still lacks something. A more in-depth guide on applications as well as a template that you may use if you like can be found [ --> HERE <-- ]

Once you think you're ready to submit a white-list application, make a new thread
[ --> HERE <-- ] using everything you learned from the guide above. The moderators check in frequently and are eager to help

Plugins for player-use + How-to's [ --> HERE <-- ]