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A new community forged together by the remnants of HHMinecraft

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By iiAshley_
MC username: iiAshley_

Age*: 17

How did you find out about this server?: My friend that plays on this server told me about it.

Reference(s) (if any): His name is MarKayno.

Have you been banned before from any server before?: No, i've never been banned
If yes, then why?:

Tell us why you want to join this server. This isn't the miss universe pageant, you don't need to get sappy but this part is especially important so make sure to give it some thought first.
Minecraft is the first game i've been addicted to, and having played it for so long , I lost interest after a while and never really had a lot of friends to play with. One of my best friends Markayno plays on this and i'd like to play with him and even meet more people.

Have you played on any other minecraft servers or is this your first?: Yes I have played on other servers before.

If yes, then why did you opt for this one instead?: It was recommended to me by a friend and it interested me.

What is our favorite colour? (can be found in the rules): Cyan

Give your own interpretation of what this server is about in one sentence: Survival is key

(for the following, if yes, write X in the boxes)

Have you read the rules?: [X]

Do you understand that the admins reserve full rights to interpret the rules and to discipline/ban users as they see fit?: [X]

Do you agree to submit to their authority in-game and on the forums?: [X]
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